How To: Arrange centerpieces with candles and fresh ingre

Arrange centerpieces with candles and fresh ingre

Lifestyle expert Clinton Kelly takes the hassle out of centerpiece designing.

This centerpiece basics video show you how to arrange centerpieces for parties or events using nontraditional items such as fruit, vegetables, or candles. Kelly shows different ways to display candles as your centerpiece. He advises to line candles in varying heights down the center of your table, or to group several different size candles together, using a one-color family of candles. He warns to never uses scented candles in a centerpiece as you do not want the scent of your candles to overpower or compete with the food you are serving. The only place for scented candles is in the bathroom. A vegetable centerpiece is also demonstrated by simply placing several of the same vegetable on a platter. Fruit can also be used by placing in a large bowl. Very ripe fruit is to be avoided as it will draw unwanted fruit flies to your event. The centerpieces can be put together early in the day and will stay fresh and last for several hours.

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