How To: Box a tablecloth for catered events

Box a tablecloth for catered events

Boxing a table doesn't mean getting into the ring, but it does require a certain degree of skill to successfully complete. Boxing the tablecloth is a great technique for any occasion or party, and every caterer should know these moves.

First, drape the cloth over the table. Next, make sure the cloth is even in the front; it should be just kissing the floor. There will be an even amount of slack remaining on the sides, which is key for the next step. Stand parallel to the table side, place your show fingers on the table's front corner. As your show fingers hold down the front corner of the cloth, trace along the table's edge with your other finger, grab the cloth hanging from the backside and bring it up, keeping it in a straight line parallel with the table.

That's just the first half… there's more to go. Watch the video for the final steps.

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