How To: Fold napkins the French way

Fold napkins the French way

Set a table that's tres chic by folding your napkins French style. Learn the art of napkin folding, perfect for entertaining guests!

You Will Need
* A cloth napkin
* An iron
* Starch

Step 1: Iron the napkin
Iron the napkin.
*Tip: For an especially crisp look, use starch.

Step 2: Fold in half
Fold the napkin in half diagonally and then shift it so that the long side is on the left.

Step 3: Pull corner down
Take the top corner and pull it down toward you, to the right of the bottom tip, until the two tips are about four inches apart.

Step 4: Fold again
Fold the top-most point over until you have three even sections.

Step 5: Drape
Drape the finished product over the dinner plate.

In ancient Rome, the main purpose of the napkin was to wipe one's brow during meals eaten in the hot sun.

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