How To: Fold napkins into Fleur-de-Lis shapes

Fold napkins into Fleur-de-Lis shapes

Give your dining room table an elegant touch by folding napkins like fleur-de-lis. Learn the art of napkin folding, perfect for entertaining guests!

You Will Need
* A cloth napkin
* An iron
* Starch
* A wine glass or napkin ring

Step 1: Starch the napkin
Iron the napkin with starch.

Step 2: Fold diagonally
Fold the napkin in half diagonally so that you have an upside-down triangle.

Step 3: Raise tip
Bring the bottom point up so the tip is about an inch over the edge.

Step 4: Fold accordion-style
Fold the napkin from one end to the other, accordion-style.

Step 5: Insert in glass
Insert the bottom into a wine glass or a napkin ring.

In the Middle Ages, diners often used a piece of bread to wipe their hands and mouths.

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