How To: Fold napkins into pyramid shapes

Fold napkins into pyramid shapes

Turn your dining room table into the eighth wonder of the world by shaping your napkins into pyramids. Learn the art of napkin folding, perfect for entertaining guests!

You Will Need
* A cloth napkin
* An iron
* Starch

Step 1: Iron the napkin
Iron the napkin.
*Tip: For an especially crisp look, use starch.

Step 2: Fold diagonally
Fold the napkin diagonally into a triangle.

Step 3: Fold sides
Fold each side over so the bottom points meet the top point.

Step 4: Flip it
Flip the napkin over, keeping the open end away from you, then take the top and fold it so the top point meets the bottom.

Step 5: Fold along center seam
Flip the napkin over again, and fold it along the center seam.

Step 6: Stand it up
Stand up your pretty pyramid.

The saying "to make ends meet" came from the 18th-century practice of tying a napkin around one's neck to protect a ruffled collar.

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