How To: Make a DIY violin music themed party centerpiece

Make a DIY violin music themed party centerpiece

This do it yourself centerpiece is brought to you by A-Bnc parties and more. This starts of by making the bow, shown by painting a dowel and letting it dry. Then glue the 'frogs' at the ends of the dowel and glue fishing line to both frogs and trim to fit. Next take a polystyrene cut out of a violin and seal it. This helps paint stick to the surface of the cut out. The violin is painted brown to replicate an actual violin. Using black paint you detail the 'f' holes and allow to dry before proceeding. Next using a glue gun you glue the tailpiece to the violin. Next taking a ball of yarn stretch from the neck of the violin, using a straight pin to hold it in place, down to the tailpiece. Cut to size and glue with a pushpin in place. Complete three more strings in the fashion of a violin. Next pushpins are glued in place where the tuning pegs would be. Using a pencil make a hole at the bottom of the violin so that the violin stands upright at an angle. Finally, attach to a centerpiece stand to complete this great centerpiece.

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