How To: Set the buffet table at your dinner party

Set the buffet table at your dinner party

Clinton Kelly, the lifestyle expert, shows the right way to 'Set your Buffet Table' for a buffet party, in this video. He suggests that all the serving dishes and utensils are laid on the buffet table, the night before the party. This will throw some light and give ideas as to how to place the dishes on the table. You could place the plates on one side of the table, the food at the center and the napkins to the other side. You should also decide the heights of the various serving platters, combining ceramic and wooden servers, to showcase variety. The food on platters at the back row needs to be placed at greater heights, for serving convenience. This can be achieved by placing shallow box frames, inverting a bowl or even using cake stands and placing the food platters on top of them. Next, is to decide the color and textures of the setting. Place a bright table cloth with a runner having a great texture to it. Flower decorations add great color too. To play it safe, make a checklist of all the items you plan to serve the night before. This will rule out the possibility of something being missed out. Now that you are in full control, play the perfect host and have a great party!

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