How to Set a place setting for a casual dinner

Lifestyle expert Hal Owen teaches us the correct way to set a table place setting. 1. Place the "charger" plate in the middle of the place setting. This is the plate on which you will place all of the other plates. 2. Place your "dinner plate" in the middle of the "charger". 3. Place your "soup plate" in the middle of the "dinner plate". 4. Place your fork on the left of the plate and your dinner knife and spoon on the right, with the soup spoon on the outside. 5. Place your dessert fork and coffee spoon to the top of the "charger". 6. Place your "bread plate" at the 11 o'clock position, just above the dinner fork. 7. Place your wine glass at the 1 o'clock position above the "charger" and place your water glass next to that. 8. Place the napkin either to the left of the fork, in the middle of the soup bowl, or rolled up in the water glass.

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