How To: Keep ants off your picnic table

Keep ants off your picnic table

Don't let ants ruin your next outdoor outing. Picnics are a wonderful way to share yummy food in the great outdoors. Ants think so too! You can keep pesky ants away with just a few simple actions.

You Will Need:
• An outdoor insect fogger
• Soap and water
• A sponge
• Garbage cans
• Detergent or ammonia
• An outdoor ant and flying insect repellant
• Food containers with lids

Step 1: Use outdoor insect fogger
Set off an outdoor insect fogger in the picnic area. The fogger spreads a preventative into the air and onto the surrounding trees, shrubs, and plants.

Step 2: Keep area clean
Keep the area clean by wiping the table with a soapy sponge and by keeping the area clear of food debris and litter.

Step 3: Empty and wash garbage cans
Empty garbage cans often and occasionally wash them with detergent or ammonia to deter ants and insects.

Step 4: Spray around picnic table
Spray the area around the picnic table with an ant and flying insect repellent at least 15 minutes before the planned activity.

Step 5: Store food in closed containers
Store all picnic foods in containers with lids. Keep the food covered when it's not being served. This discourages food smells from attracting pests.

Step 6: Clean up spills immediately
Clean up food spills as soon as possible – on the table and on the ground.

Step 7: Clean area thoroughly after picnic
Clean the area thoroughly after your picnic. Wash and rinse the table and dispose of trash appropriately.

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